Serving children from the New Haven, CT community on the campus of The Foote School

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin

We Need Your Support!

The impact you have on supporting a positive trajectory for underserved children is vast. Many lack the resources they need to get a good start and fulfill their potential in life. Contributing to Horizons at Foote ensures children will thrive in a high-quality and enriching learning environment.

Connecticut has the widest achievement gap in the nation between the academic performance of students from low-income families and their more affluent peers. Horizons is working to close this gap and ensure our students graduate from high school and attend post secondary education. 91% of Horizons graduates go on to attend college or other post-secondary training! We can’t accomplish this without your support. The need is great, and the demand is high – that’s why the Horizons network continues to thrive. Within a few years, Horizons at Foote will almost double the number of students we serve through this transformative program.

Here are some ways you can make a difference:
Gift  Opportunity 
 $           50.00 Provides three students with books for their  home libraries
 $         100.00 Provides individualized reading support for two students
 $         250.00 Supports Art programming for ten students
 $         500.00 Provides food for the entire program for one day
 $         750.00 Funds all instructional staff for one student
 $      1,000.00 Purchases all instructional supplies for school-year programming
 $      1,200.00 Provides swimming instruction for one grade
 $      1,300.00 Sends one grade on weekly field trips 
 $      2,000.00 Supports “ specials” instruction in arts, STEM, sports, etc. for one grade
 $      3,000.00 Sponsors one student for a full year
 $      3,500.00 Funds annual pool rental for swim instruction
 $      8,000.00 Covers bus transportation to bring students to and from Foote School 
 $    10,000.00 Purchases full program supplies
 $    15,000.00 Covers all summer food expenses
 $    17,000.00 Funds all teaching staff for one classroom
 $    48,000.00 Sponsors one entire grade for the year


100% of every donation goes toward the children and programming!  

Donations can be made either online via the “Donate” button above, or a check can be made out to Horizons at Foote and sent to: Christina MacLean, Horizons at Foote, 50 Loomis Place, New Haven, CT 06611.

Horizons is funded entirely through private philanthropy, and we are incredibly grateful to all who have contributed in some way to our mission.